How to make birch beer

How to make birch beer is a question of interest to people who are into making homemade alcoholic drinks. The taste of this beer, unlike other types of beers, is bitter. This is because the beer has been fermented with the help of the ‘birch’ part of the tree. The leaves of the tree are boiled for about two hours resulting in the extract of the liquor. This extract is what we use in making this beer.

To learn how to make birch beer, first you need to have all the ingredients ready. Birch twigs should be soaked in water and then rinsed several times to remove all traces of the water. Next, the twigs should be filtered to remove any remaining water. Next, the leaves should be placed in a pan with just enough amount of water to hold the twigs together without allowing them to burn or boil over. For using yeast, you need bread, yeast, sugar, water, hops, and carbon dioxide.

The next step is to soak the leaves in the sugar syrup for around half an hour to form a thick syrup while the twigs ferment in the pan. If the required materials are not available, you can make them at home through the ‘DIY’ method. You will only be using non-iodized water for this method. However, it is better to use the certified potable water.

Boiling the birch twigs in water for an hour, results in the formation of CO2 gas which is later absorbed by the yeast. After this process, the yeast will start fermenting and producing the beer. To make birch beer, boil the twigs in the beer for around five minutes. After that, remove the twigs from the brewpot and rinse off the remains with clean water.

The second step on how to make birch beer is to add the yeast, sugar, water, and carbonated water into the pot. Stir this mixture well while adding all ingredients one at a time. Allow the mixture to continue for approximately twenty minutes so that the beer mixture has enough time to ferment completely. Once this is completed, pour this drink into a big container using a wire rack. You should then allow this mixture to stand for an entire day before you bottle it.

The third step is to make a simple mix using one teaspoon of dry yeast along with two and a half cups of lukewarm water. The rest of the ingredients needed include half a cup of whole birch oil, and a quarter cup of brandy or wine. The yeast can be bought from your local grocery store, while the brandy or wine can be purchased from a store that sells alcoholic beverages. All these ingredients are combined and added to the pot, stirring until they have all mixed thoroughly. After this, it is time to make a simple, yet effective, beer drink.

The fourth step on how to make birch beer involves using a saucepan and making an important, step-by-step recipe. Add the yeast, sugar, water, and brandy or wine to the pot, stirring to combine. When the ingredients have fully blended, remove them from heat, and add them to a saucepan. Turn the heat down to low, and place the lid of the saucepan. Allow the mixture to boil for around ten minutes, turning the saucepan once every couple of minutes so that the temperature does not change too much.

Finally, strain the brew into a separate container, and use an airlock to seal the container. Once you have finished brewing, bottle it, and enjoy your cool, refreshing drink. You can also serve your creation with fresh, hard ice cubes for an extra kick. If you try this method and brew a batch of your own, you will discover how easy it is to make one of the best beers from all the different types of malts.